Tarpon Springs City Commissioner – Seat 4
“Putting Tarpon First”


Endorsed by the Pinellas County Professional Firefighters Association


Dear Friend,

It’s hard to believe my first term as your City Commissioner is nearing its end. The privilege of serving you and our community has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Lord willing, and with your help, I hope to be able to continue my service in a second term. The election might not be until March, but the time is now to start my campaign to continue “Putting Tarpon First”!

Though it seems I was just sworn into office yesterday, we have accomplished a lot in my first term. One of the major themes of my first campaign was to stop the practice of using our reserve fund to balance the budget. I am happy to tell you that our dependence on the reserve fund has dropped by 60%, and by the end of a second term, we should no longer need the reserve funds for the general budget. We have also increased economic development (expanded the tax base) by fostering a business-friendly environment in Tarpon Springs. We have attracted new business ranging from new affordable senior living to major retail stores such as Lowes.

Other accomplishments over my first term include implementing quarterly budget updates, addressing several environmental/sustainability issues, creating a new city web site with increased services for citizens (launching soon), initiating live streaming of city meetings, developing a Citizens’ Academy to launch in 2016, growing our health care industry, better equipping our first responders, advocating for the next dredge of the Anclote River, and demanding accountability from the county in the replacement of the Beckett Bay Bridge.

However, the accomplishment I’m most proud of is that I have made an effort to listen and help, if possible, every citizen who has brought a concern to my attention. I believe that this effort is the most important function of a City Commissioner. With your help, I want to expand the accomplishments of my first term and continue “Putting Tarpon First.” However, I can’t do it without your help! Please email or call me if you’d like to volunteer for the campaign.

Let’s continue making Tarpon Springs the best place to live, work, and play in Tampa Bay!

Your City Commissioner,

David Banther